A global pandemic forced businesses to layoff millions of people across the United States. Faced with pressure from fellow corporations and the economy, Mammoth Tech came out of the crisis as one of the leaders in the industry due to the forethought, rapid response, and determination to put people first.


The pandemic in early 2020 proved to be an unprecedented threat for all businesses across the United States. Corporate leaders were forced to make difficult and harsh decisions to keep their doors open and survive under unthinkable circumstances. As a result, millions of people were laid off or on furlough. Consequently, the economy suffered greatly, and many financial loans were given relief and payments were put on hold to assist those in need during the difficult time. Congress passed, and the president signed into law, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), which provides relief measures for ED-held federal student loans including suspending loan payments, halting collections on defaulted loans, and setting interest rates to 0% for a period of time. This law forcibly removed a huge source of profit for collection agencies working on the U.S. Department of Education contract. Many collection agencies were forced to cut their staff to minimal numbers or shut down completely, but one contact center found a way to overcome the challenges. Despite facing economic hardship, Mammoth Tech remained unwavering when it came to keeping their employees working and putting people first


Mammoth Tech’s decision to keep their employees and an extensive network of subcontractors and staffing arrangements employed came without hesitation. The leadership team gathered daily to exchange ideas, share the latest health updates and regulations, and discuss new business opportunities to ensure they could protect the livelihoods of their teams. With pressure from the industry to layoff employees and several roadblocks such as connectivity, security, and productivity to consider, Mammoth Tech vowed to do whatever it would take to initiate a plan to get their teams working remotely without laying off a single employee.


Mammoth Tech’s commitment to security is part of the company culture and the decision to establish the infrastructure needed to navigate crisis and disaster was determined and implemented two years before the COVID-19 outbreak. With the framework in place, Mammoth Tech understood the first step would be to secure equipment. As a second-chance employer and with most employees living in rural areas, getting individuals the proper equipment and connectivity was crucial. Within 72 hours, Mammoth Tech had more than 615 individuals setup for remote work. Secured and connected, Mammoth Tech was the very first agency to provide complete remote working arrangements for its employees out of the 11 agencies collecting for the U.S. Department of Education.


Refusing to jeopardize the livelihoods of hundreds of employees, Mammoth Tech invested millions of dollars to provide safe working environments during a world-wide catastrophe. For many corporations, an investment of that size was considered a risk and not a feasible option. Confident in the implementation of new health and safety standards and guidelines, Mammoth Tech reopened its corporate headquarters, welcoming back the team they fought hard to keep. The company is still providing remote working capabilities for employees struggling to find adequate childcare or those that have health issues requiring them to stay home and socially distant. Mammoth Tech’s commitment to putting people first is what drove the company to expand and stretch itself beyond notion. As a result, Mammoth Tech extended its services into new verticals, continued to hire and provide jobs for the community, showed its abilities and capacity to work remotely and respond quickly during crisis, and further instilled the employees’ trust that the company can and will navigate hard times by keeping their needs at the forefront.