There are several barriers to acquiring new business for small, minority, minority women, and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses in any industry. Committed to creating lasting community impact, Mammoth Tech develops deep-rooted subcontractor partnerships that offer potentially limitless growth to better serve clients and provides opportunities for disadvantaged businesses across the United States to thrive.


Disadvantaged businesses across the country were greatly impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Without financial resources and support to stay afloat, many were forced to make the difficult decision to close their doors. The collections industry experienced a huge shift in revenue upon Congress and the president passing the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), which provides relief measures for ED-held federal student loans including suspending loan payments, halting collections on defaulted loans, and setting interest rates to 0% for a period of time. This law forcibly removed a huge source of profit for collection agencies awarded the U.S. Department of Education contract, inevitably pressuring these larger agencies to cut ties with their subcontractors. Determined to maintain strong partnerships and continue to help small, minority, minority woman, and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses thrive, Mammoth Tech secured new contracts to not only keep their own revenue flowing, but to also keep their subcontractors on board. By positioning themselves as an ally to these subcontractors, Mammoth Tech has been able to build an extensive network that better benefits their clients and numerous communities across the U.S.


While Mammoth Tech is required to partner with disadvantaged business subcontractors as an agency providing services for the U.S. Department of Education contract, it directly aligns with the company’s mission to put people first. The team chose to take that requirement and turn it into a strength by creating opportunities and building long-term relationships with smaller agencies to help them grow and thrive.


Mammoth Tech’s approach to selecting viable subcontractors for a partnership is simple; find disadvantaged agencies that have a mission and vision that directly align with their own. Being empathetic and putting people first, empowering people, and creating opportunities that foster a respectful and growth-oriented environment are just a few things that Mammoth Tech looks for in a partner. Mammoth Tech has learned
that connecting with like-minded organizations proves to set both parties up for success and is the foundation for longevity in any relationship. Once a subcontractor is selected, it is Mammoth Tech’s goal to help them learn as much as possible. There are several hurdles to winning prestigious bids like the U.S. Department of Education contract, and many disadvantaged businesses don’t have the resources or bandwidth to take a project of that size. Some of the biggest roadblocks tend to be in licensing, system costs, and security clearance. These areas can cost small businesses millions of dollars, which is an investment most cannot afford to make.

Understanding the huge barriers that these disadvantaged businesses face, Mammoth Tech gives their subcontractors an opportunity to join them as a remote office. These subcontractors are added to Mammoth Tech’s systems, trained by Mammoth Tech’s team, and given the same access and account volumes just as if they had won the opportunity themselves. In giving these subcontractors the tools and resources they need, Mammoth Tech is helping them get hands-on experience in the hopes that they can grow and eventually secure larger opportunities independently. One subcontractor started its partnership with Mammoth Tech under a staffing arrangement for ten employees in 2018. Because of the direct business from Mammoth Tech, the agency now has over 30 employees and was looking to open a second location before the COVID-19 outbreak. Mammoth Tech has continued to support this partnership, as well as all their additional subcontractor and staffing arrangements, by shuffling work and continuing to secure new opportunities to keep everyone working throughout the pandemic.


Mammoth Tech takes pride in its deep-rooted partnerships and is pleased to have been able to support bringing on new subcontractors and continue hiring efforts throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. The framework that Mammoth Tech has built when selecting subcontractors and establishing staffing arrangements gives the organization an extensive network that allows for potentially limitless growth. These relationships have proven to be beneficial to not only Mammoth Tech and the subcontractors, but also to clients. With various staffing options and flexibility, Mammoth Tech can increase its workforce on a project rapidly by adding people in bulk across the United States. Lending a hand to disadvantaged businesses to help them gain valuable experience is directly tied to Mammoth Tech’s people-first philosophy. The company believes in creating an opportunity for all people, no matter their circumstances, and meeting them where they are at to help them succeed. Mammoth Tech believes that these relationships go beyond just providing contact center services. They uplift communities and benefit the greater good for all people.