In the face of unprecedented circumstances, a world-renowned restaurant chain connected with Mammoth Tech in need of contact-center services. This iconic brand could not jeopardize its reputation by allowing its customer relations to fall through the cracks and Mammoth Tech offered the perfect solution.


When COVID-19 broke out in the United States early in 2020, restaurants were forced to close their in-house dining operations— which relegated the food-service industry to carryout and delivery only. As people began ordering online and requesting meals to go, one world-renowned restaurant chain saw an explosion of incoming emails from the public. Executives quickly realized that with the in-house dining operations closed, the opportunity to speak with on-site personnel had been disrupted as well. People were now communicating via remote electronic methods, still expecting the same level of customer service they would receive from on-site staff. The chain had a limited number of in-house employees dedicated to handling messages—and the sudden influx would create a serious customer service problem. The daily volume of email communications increased rapidly to more than ten times the normal amount. The restaurant chain needed a quick solution to prevent messages from being overlooked and ensure its consumers received the service standards they expected. Mammoth Tech stepped in to provide solutions, supplementing the in-house staff members to respond to requests in a timely manner.


Slow response times would tarnish the restaurant chain’s brand reputation, and Mammoth Tech’s history of successful partnerships and timely implementation strategies came highly recommended. The client knew that Mammoth Tech was devoted to responding to inquiries and solving any problems that might arise. The restaurant chain had partnered with other contact centers in the past but felt that Mammoth Tech provided the best solution for their situation. When the novel coronavirus required the restaurant to enlist an external partner, Mammoth Tech’s reputation surpassed its competitors’. The collaboration and management that Mammoth Tech offered was a new approach, and a critical step toward success for both companies.


Because the client’s consumers were the chief priority, Mammoth Tech needed to maintain the highest quality in customer interactions, and time was a critical factor. Providing email responses was a new service opportunity for Mammoth Tech, and the team looked forward to providing a solution to the challenge. Representatives needed to be trained in proper behavior and responses to ensure clear communication and positive engagement. Since the restaurant chain had a need for more bandwidth to manage the day-to-day operations while training a surge of new employees, Mammoth Tech provided six supervisors in addition to 70 representatives. The supervisors began teaching alongside the staff to establish rapport with them as they joined the project. The goal was to ensure the staff could adapt to the project as quickly as possible.

Within one week, Mammoth Tech provided technical solutions connecting 70 remote staff, who were trained on the client’s most pressing items and managed by experienced leadership. With the underlying infrastructure and training complete, the representatives were given daily quota goals to address the areas with the largest inflow of emails quickly and efficiently. The client had several queues to focus on, and Mammoth Tech’s staff was assigned to the one with the most need. Within days, Mammoth Tech had exceeded the client’s expectations. The area of greatest volume and concern had been addressed, and Mammoth Tech quickly began the process of uptraining representatives for the new queues. Within the first week, many Mammoth Tech staff was handling daily quotas at the same pace as the seasoned in-house staff who had worked the volume previously. Representatives handled their quotas with excellence, with the goal of averaging 125 guest responses per person each day.  Additional Mammoth Tech staff were added to the project to cover nights and weekends and Mammoth Tech was able to replicate the client’s training in-house, exceeding the restaurant chain’s expectations and further strengthening the partnership.


Mammoth Tech successfully demonstrated the value of a dedicated contact center in meeting a customer service need. Mammoth Tech expanded the client’s response team from 10 people to almost 70 in a matter of weeks, which enabled the restaurant chain to maintain its excellent reputation in customer service. Additionally, with Mammoth Tech’s IT resources and support, the workforce was added as remote employees to avoid costly IT investments for the client. By providing six supervisors to manage the representatives and communicate directly with the client’s Customer Care Manager, Mammoth Tech eliminated burdens for the restaurant chain and empowered the existing leadership with their day-to-day operations. In a time of uncertainty, Mammoth Tech raised the bar on customer service standards for a global restaurant chain, leading to ongoing success for the company and continued satisfaction for its customers. Regardless of the challenges you face—whether it’s a global pandemic or a staffing shortage—Mammoth Tech is a committed partner you can trust. We will always put your customers’ needs first to uphold your excellent reputation in your industry.