A global telecommunications company was responsible for managing an eastern state’s inbound unemployment calls—but the sudden influx of filings due to COVID-19 layoffs was too vast for the current staff on its own. The telecom company needed a seamless contact center solution, and a series of connections resulted in Mammoth Tech being enlisted to service the massive inbound traffic.


No state was prepared for the flood of unemployment calls caused by the pandemic in early 2020. In the face of uncertainty and panic, it was crucial to accommodate the questions and needs of concerned citizens. Despite running calls through a globally recognized telecommunications company, one East-Coast state was struggling to provide the necessary support for its residents—even after pulling in all possible staff members. The client required additional assistance. Agents had to be constantly available to register people and help them complete proper documentation to ensure the provision of unemployment benefits through the economic hardship. When the staff became too overwhelmed with its workload, Mammoth Tech was hired to fill the gap.


Mammoth Tech’s ability to supply and support a remote workforce and its reputation for quick and efficient training made the partnership especially appealing. The client needed an organization that was committed to learning the details of the state’s unemployment requirements and could still be up and running in minimal time. People’s livelihoods were in jeopardy—and the client wouldn’t sacrifice quality or speed. By working with Mammoth Tech, the client got access to more than 300 experienced contact-center agents from across the country. These agents were adept at providing customer care on government topics, easing callers’ minds, and helping people through the unemployment filing process without delay.


Mammoth Tech understood the need for a scalable solution, which meant easing the client’s administrative burden beyond its calls—so in addition to agents for the phones, Mammoth Tech provided more than 30 supporting staff, including an IT support team, supervisors, compliance, and trainers to supplement the client’s requirements. This reduced any managerial stress due to the increase in agents. Every state’s regulations for unemployment are different, so Mammoth Tech’s team had to jump into training immediately in order to prepare its representative for the new task. Normally, getting agents up to speed can take weeks or even months—but within one week, Mammoth Tech’s staff was ready to start taking calls and offering solutions. Six days after the contract was signed, nearly 100 of Mammoth Tech’s representatives were on the phones, seamlessly answering calls under the client’s name and relieving the previously overwhelmed staff. To ensure an easy, efficient experience for callers, Mammoth Tech used its own equipment and network infrastructure to connect remote Mammoth Tech’s agents through a VPN to the client’s systems. This allowed Mammoth Tech’s representatives to work from all over the country—without disrupting the client’s internal processes.


Unlike with some partnerships, where results can take months to evaluate, the client saw an immediate relief in its call center burden, despite the growing need. As the demand grew, Mammoth Tech diligently supplied and supported new agents and successfully added 200 more representatives to help the client professionally and adeptly manage the tremendous inflow of calls. Through the ongoing business relationship, Mammoth Tech’s support teams and representatives are minimizing the burden and operating as a seamless extension of the client. Since the partnership’s inception, the client’s caller wait times have been cut in half, and the number of calls serviced is more than five times what was handled previously. Those in need are now getting the service required to support their families in a time of crisis.

In a challenging, stressful situation, Mammoth Tech committed to providing more than a one-sided solution. From the moment the contract was signed, Mammoth Tech became an extension for the client, offering support teams, equipment, and representatives as a three-pronged approach to a successful solution. At Mammoth Tech, that is our commitment to all our partners. We are devoted to providing solutions for the challenges people are facing to ensure we can help you get the results you need.

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