Mammoth Tech is one of the most versatile outsourcing companies in the United States. Some of our clients have included a Top-10 Global Restaurant Company, a Top-15 U.S. Healthcare System with over 80,000 employees, and we’re currently 1 of 13 companies who hold the United States Department of Education Default Collection Services Contract.  Since being founded in 1964,  we have developed a coast-to-coast presence with approximately 500 employees, spanning across 6 corporate locations, and 7 subcontractor locations.  We believe in building the communities where we work, which is why many of our locations are located in HUB Zones or Opportunity Zones.  We have a “People-First” mentality, and we’d love to prove how much more efficient we can help your business become.

Mammoth Tech specializes in many outsourcing efforts such as contact center work, IT as a Service, and debt collections.  Our team of agents is entirely U.S. based, and we intend to give your customers the best experience possible with every interaction. Whether our team is making phone calls, answering emails, trouble-shooting problems, or resolving concerns – we view ourselves as an extension of your business. When you win, we win.  For more details, please view our Services page!

Our team at Mammoth Tech wants your business to feel as though you have reinforcements to fight whatever battle you’re fighting, and we take pride in representing the best brands in the world.  For your company, we provide you with a free consultation to assess your outsourcing needs, and then we create a tailor-made solution to help us both maximize the effectiveness of our work. Your team will get dedicated project managers, as well as a dedicated team of agents who are specifically trained for your needs.


Mammoth Tech has locations and/or executive-level presences across the country, including many subcontractor locations. All of our locations are in the United States.


We prioritize impacting millions of people from around the country. This is why a percentage of our revenue is donated back to many 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations to change lives. When you do business with us, you in turn help us give back! Here are some of the many organizations we have helped support: